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Abstrakt Impreshuhn

Developed by: Walter Taylor, III
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In today?fs art market, quality customizable art is never inexpensive. Unlike mass-produced low-quality generic art, and art that is only available to affluent buyers, Abstrakt Impreshuhn provides quality pieces at reasonable prices while allowing the purchaser to interact with the artist to create a truly unique masterpiece.

Abstrakt Impreshuhn unique abstract designs are visually enhancing to both residential and business settings. Each purchaser receives a custom piece truly reflective of his or her unique personality. Multi-piece panels that can be easily re purposed, combined with the artist?fs continued generation of new abstract designs in expanded media, will generate renewed creativity as well as revenues.

Today?fs Art Market

According to Otis College of Art and Design the creative company is the second largest regional business sector. One out of every six regional job is in the creative economy. The total economic impact in the Los Angeles and Orange County area is 286.3 billion dollars. Many creative people are not employed in a traditional way, which complicates analytical effort. Because they are self?]employed, they are not captured by the usual government information sources.

The creative economy is among the top employers in the Los Angeles region. Importantly, the talent that drives the creative economy is also a resource for competitive advantage that reaches across almost every industry in the Los Angeles?|Orange County region. In addition, the creative talent pool in the region is not as vulnerable to going ?goffshore.?h

Typically, the development of advanced technologies to increase productivity is seen as the road to better jobs. In fact, advanced technologies can be replicated across the world using cheaper labor. To the contrary, original artistic creation, innovative design thinking and other higher ?] level creative work cannot be outsourced easily. Creativity also serves to build brand awareness and an attractive environment to entice talented people to the region.

Our Operational Strategy

Creation of the artwork will be done through traditional means and as well through the latest high resolution effect manipulating graphic software. Traditional medias will be employed such as pencil, pastels, water colors and eventually oils. ?gTemplates?h will be created from which potential buyers can select their own color schemes, layout orientation and size. Buyers will also be able to select the size, shape and number of multi-piece panels. Repurpose pieces will be designed so that several variations of positioning will produce a ?gnew?h piece.

Inventory will be mostly determined by a print on demand process generated by the buyers purchase. Inventory of those pieces used for general sales and mass reproduction will be produce in numbers to never exceed 10% of the production expense.

My name is Walter Taylor, III. I am a 44 year old African American male and I?fm rebuilding my life as a result of the destruction that has occurred from some of the bad choices I?fve made.

I have intuitively possessed a heart for art and design, having noticed that through my life I?fve been drawn by the expressive nature of art. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but it?fs projected from the spirit of the artist. My desire is to create a business that produces pieces that draw others not to the beauty of the process alone, but to draw the beholder to the beauty in themselves that is then reflected in the piece they acquire.

As a self started and a bit of a perfectionist, I have the determination and focus to give my all to succeed in my life?fs work. I know I will need a lot of help. The course we have just completed through Pepperdine?f Palmer Center, has begun to assist me in realizing my dream. I?fm ready to paint the world.



E4C focuses on three primary populations of entrepreneurs: Veterans, Green and Social Businesses, and those who find themselves operating within marginalized communities.

If you are interested and can find a way to contribute to their success, we would love for you to contact us directly and we will connect you to them.

These are an amazing group of dedicated and hardworking entrepreneurs, and we think each and every one of them is certain to succeed, especially with your help.


Walter Taylor, III


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