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Ron Smith

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It was Friday, payday. Iíd left my dead end job at 5pm expecting to score some crack cocaine and a tall bottle of cheap liquor, and then spend the rest of the weekend locked in my shabby, one-room dive on skid row drinking and smoking my misery into despair.

That was the plan.

But on the way, I stopped at an outside ministry. I donít know why. Maybe it was the music. Or maybe the chairs were too inviting to pass up after a long day of hauling 50lbs rolls of fabric on my shoulders. Or maybe I stopped because it was what God wanted me to do. I believed the latter. I stayed the entire service.

Before I left the minister prayed for me and anointed my grimy T-shirt with oil in the shape of a cross. Later that night while making my alcohol purchase the clerk remarked about the oil cross on my shirt. Embarrassed, I walked out of the store sans the liquor.

I didnít get high that night. Instead, I went home, swabbed my body with rubbing alcohol, sprayed my mattress and sheets with bleach Ė my homemade bedbug protection formula Ė and I lay down. Maybe two hours passed and I was feeling good about sobriety when the bed bugs breached my alcohol and bleach barricade and attacked.

And thatís when reality bit me.

Just as sure as the bed bugs had broken through my weak defenses, I knew my addiction to drugs and alcohol would be back if I didnít exterminate them completely. For that I needed help.

I checked into the Union Rescue Mission rehab program. For three years Iíve walked without drugs. For three years Iíve walked without alcohol. For three years Iíve walked with Christ.

As bleak as my past once was, my future now shines with hope and faith. After throwing away a career as a reality television producer, I now look forward to building a Christian-based, video production company, creating works that bring glory to God and edify humanity.

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E4C focuses on three primary populations of entrepreneurs: Veterans, Green and Social Businesses, and those who find themselves operating within marginalized communities.

If you are interested and can find a way to contribute to their success, we would love for you to contact us directly and we will connect you to them.

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