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Developed by: Kamilah Russell
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Have you ever tried to get a quick, quality meal on the go in downtown L.A.? Did it provide a good value for your dollar and did it come with friendly, efficient customer service? If the answer is NO, then you need to try a Hot-Digity-Dog. Hot-Digity-Dogs fulfill the need to feed the masses in downtown L.A. by providing quality dogs, snacks and beverages at an affordable price with friendly, efficient customer service.

To build Hot-Digity-Dogs into a viable food-service operation that can repay the initial investment, support the owner-operator (me), and provide capital to expand the business to multiple carts within the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

To provide the people of downtown Los Angeles with quality hot dogs, snacks and beverages at an affordable price with friendly and efficient customer service


  • Provide quality hot dogs, snacks and beverages to the people of downtown L.A.
  • Make customers smile by providing them with friendly and efficient service.
  • Create a business that allows me to make my own schedule and that provides me with income to support my family.
  • Have fun, work hard, feed the people!


  • Choose a location where people are on foot, hungry and have money to spend.
  • Provide people with great dogs, snacks and beverages at a great price.
  • Condiments galore! Everything you could ever want on a dog.
  • Weekly specials to keep customers coming back.


  • Find a good location.
  • Get permits from the city for doing business.
  • Get business license.
  • Find good deals on food product.
  • Update my Hot Dog Cart


After being in a domestic violent relationship for five years, I realized I had to do something to protect my children and myself. One morning after an argument, something just clicked and the lights came on. I found myself not being afraid, not screaming, not yelling, not needing to run, and no longer feeling weak. I knew I had to escape this bad relationship. I saved my money for about a month so that I could move into a new apartment without him knowing. Being tired of the relationship and the way that things were, I knew when he left one morning, he would be gone for awhile, so I packed my things and left. I moved into my new apartment where I began to get my life together, seeking the help that I needed, and talking to the right people for help.

I am no longer afraid of a new start. I realize we go through things in life for a reason. I can now take on any challenges to better my children and myself. I am realistic and willing to undertake risk in any environment to accomplish my long-term goals to be safe and secure. I no longer have doubts about my past getting in the way of my future. My determination to move on and move forward will enable me to succeed. With having a successful hot dog cart I will have financial security, housing, and will be able to provide a future for my children and myself.

After doing well with my hot dog cart I plan to open a beauty salon, named Heavenís Doors, for low-income families. The salon will provide a comfort zone for customers. Hopefully one day my son and daughter will be able to follow in my entrepreneurial footsteps.  



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These are an amazing group of dedicated and hardworking entrepreneurs, and we think each and every one of them is certain to succeed, especially with your help.


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