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RoddyMish Apparel Company

Developed by: Roderick Rose
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There is a real need for more positive images and declarations on clothing. T-shirts and clothing today often carries so many glorifications of negative stereotypes, violent images, and cynical viewpoints, it can become overpowering. The message being delivered is that the negative is the positive. The worst part of this depiction is that this negative imagery gets played out in society. It doesn’t take much to find evidence of hatred, intolerance, aggression, violence, low expectations for personal success, and low self-esteem. We can’t continue this pattern of behavior and expect society to change.

RoddyMish Apparel Company provides the solution to this problem by creating clothing designs with images that promote healthy productive lifestyles. Our slogan is simple, “Don’t Be Gangsta...Just Be Excellent.” We encourage people to reach their full potential with their God-given gifts, and to pursue their own excellence.

RoddyMish Apparel Company is an online clothing company operating as an e-store. Our products are t-shirts, polo shirts, and hooded sweatshirts with images designed by Roderick Rose, the founder. The management team will consist of four advisory board members who have business experience from a variety of industries. The advisory board members are: Ana Cardenas, Jesse Saavedra, Eryn Hennings, and Jim Wager. RoddyMish Apparel Company makes clothing for the adult market between the ages of 18-45 living on the West Coast of the United States.

The marketing plan is an integrated approach that reaches out directly to our core customers. RoddyMish Apparel Company is committed to building relationships for its marketing efforts and that includes event marketing and community service. Marketing will also be implemented through affiliated marketing, and traditional and non-traditional advertising. All sales will be conducted safely and securely online through our website where our customer’s privacy is protected with encrypted transactions.

Our Competition is made up of the top ten leading online t-shirt companies in the United States. After analyzing these businesses, it is evident that RoddyMish Apparel Company will have an entirely different appeal away from the images thought “hip” by the leading manufacturers.

RoddyMish Apparel
is principally involved in design and marketing our product while the printing and shipping is outsourced. We will also have our own web-based store offered by our printer with an established web presence and we will utilize the storefront we have on the Social Enterprise mall. All Customer transactions will be handled by these online locations until a stand-alone website can be constructed.

RoddyMish Apparel Company is about realizing excellence without compromising our message. We think there are more people looking for a positive message in today’s market promoting a healthy lifestyle then the negation and fear that has predominated the clothing of our young people. Our appeal at RMAC is simple –

“Don’t Be Gangsta…Just Be Excellent.”


I had an epiphany two years ago: I realized that I had given other people control over my life and had lived my entire life seeking love, approval, and acceptance, and yet had failed. I decided to accept full responsibility for the choices I made, and that I had run out of excuses, regarding success, failure and happiness. I in fact decided to love myself.

I realized that I could start a business when I worked in the kitchen for a short time at the Union Rescue Mission, while involved in the Christian Life Discipleship Program. We were short staffed usually, and I had to bounce from one position to the next. All of a sudden, an enormous amount of volunteers would come in to help us, but there was no one that willing to coordinate them. I felt an irresistible urge to delegate and divvy up the work and I communicated my enthusiasm effectively. It succeeded.

This didn’t happen only once, but it happened many times. I also used the opportunities to build a relationship with the volunteers because the volunteers became regulars. One day a volunteer purchased two business books for me and they sat me down and told me that I had potential for success in business. When I visualized being in business, I saw myself as holding the golden key. I could work hard, and prosper.

The adjacent opportunity I see emerging for me and my loved ones is the opportunity to build a family business because now, my teenaged nieces and nephews are displaying their talents and I can support their endeavors. I see it also as a chance to make amends to them for when I wasn’t available for them when they were younger.



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Roderick Rose


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