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C.U.S.P. - Committed to Uplifting Single Parents

Developed by: Rashunda Rene & TaMara Johnson
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Approximately 14 million single parents in the United States are responsible for raising 21 million of our nation’s children with 85% being single mothers and 15% being single fathers. As single parents, both men and women face difficult, complicated decisions.  There are too many single parents who need services but do not know where to get the services. The issue is simple; children raised in a single-parent home are at a higher risk for a variety of negative outcomes from lower academic performance, to higher dropout rates from school, to an increased rate of teenage pregnancy, as well as increased behavioral problems.

C.U.S.P. (Committed to Uplifting Single Parents)  is an organization that is in direct response to the growing number of single parent families who need assistance because of the current economic conditions and who find themselves in distress. The goal of the organization is to serve single-parent families who are trying to survive during this very difficult economic time and to ensure our services are available for them on an ongoing basis. C.U.S.P. has generated a wide range of programs to assist the parent and children of single parent families. These programs and services afford parents the necessary emotional, spiritual, physical, social and financial skills in order to be the best parent for their children. The youth programs provide young people with the necessary development skills as well as social activities for the them to interact and learn. It is important for us to offer a variety of services and programs that includes the needs of the entire single parent family.

C.U.S.P. (Committed to Uplifting Single Parents) was founded August 31, 2011 and is a nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. It is our mission to empower and assist single parents with the difficult challenges of parenthood through a range of financial and social services which will allow them to provide safe and loving homes for their children.

C.U.S.P.’s management team consists of its Board of Directors who have experience in management, business, finance and administration. Program managers will be assembled to manage and help the organization grow.

C.U.S.P.’s marketing program will focus on increasing its visibility in the community. Program brochures will be distributed by local social service programs and agencies that serve the target population group. Brochures will also be distributed throughout the community in the local businesses, schools, churches and community centers. The target market for C.U.S.P. is single parent families (male or female householder with no spouse present) in the Greater Los Angeles area and its surrounding communities.  C.U.S.P. will also partner with three other organizations to cross promote our services.

We have no direct competition, but there are alternatives to our service in the marketplace. Our service is unique because most programs only help those who are faced with poverty and in dire need. Many projects are also specifically geared toward either single mothers or single fathers only and not both. The programs we provide are not for a quick fix, but leave a lasting effect on our participants building self- confidence and giving them the tools to be self- sufficient and help others.

C.U.S.P. forecast of revenues for 2012 is $5,000. The funding sources include private donations, grants  and fundraising campaigns. The anticipated growth from these funding sources is estimated to be 50% over the next three years. C.U.S.P. will focus on funding from other sources where the revenue is projected to be higher. The targets are Federal/State grants, business sponsorship, and private foundation grants. By 2015, estimated revenue should be in excess of $12,000.

Our services improve the ability of families to care for children and achieve goals of self-sufficiency. C.U.S.P.’s services, now, are a small investment in comparison to the cost of ignoring the single parent families and the influence it has on a number of social issues. Over time, C.U.S.P. will be an invaluable resource to these families in the Greater Los Angeles area and its surrounding communities.

Entrepreneur's Name: Rashunda Rene

Upon driving home from work one day in 2008 in a moment of silence, I asked myself “what is my life's purpose”? I began to think about my life and the times I felt the most fulfilled and realized it was when I was helping others. I then began to think back to my childhood and realized the sacrifices my mother made to raise my brother and me. At that moment, it hit me. Other single parents might be facing similar challenge, as well. When I arrived home that evening I immediately called my mother and began to talk to her about the difficulties she faced raising us. It was after that conversation that C.U.S.P. was born.

With C.U.S.P.'s programs and services we will be able to help a segment of the population that are often overlooked. It is my goal that through C.U.S.P., we are able to strengthen these families spiritually, physically, and financially.

Because of the strong positive reaction I receive when I speak about C.U.S.P., I know this is an organization the community needs and it is ready for. With the success of C.U.S.P., it will only open up more opportunities for me to consult with others on nonprofit projects, build partnerships to expand C.U.S.P.'s services and programs as well as move me into the for-profit world of business. All of these are opportunities I welcome.

Entrepreneur's Name: TaMara Johnson

I was born in Los Angeles, CA, the youngest of 4 girls raised in a two parent home. I was never aware of the struggles of single parent families.  I was inspired by our founder and many single parent families like hers who had “viable incomes” but struggled due to lack of knowledge of programs and social services available to them. After finding there are approximately 14 million single parent families and the lack of available programs and services, I realized the need for C.U.S.P. and I wanted to be involved.  At C.U.S.P., we want to ensure those single parents who have “steady jobs” are not forgotten among the population of people who need assistance.

C.U.S.P.'s programs and services will help strengthen single parent households in the community. It is my goal that through C.U.S.P., we are able to make a difference in the lives of single parent families who need assistance due to the current economic conditions.

With the positive feedback I receive when I speak about C.U.S.P., I know our programs and services are needed. C.U.S.P.'s success will not only expand our services to help more single parent families, it will provide opportunities to work with both for profit and non-profit businesses to expand our mission nationally.



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TaMara Johnson & Rashunda Rene

If you would like to donate directly to C.U.S.P. you can do so through their PayPal account below:
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