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Kelly Lee Hubert

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I once lived a relatively carefree life. Raised in a loving, stable home, my parents provided all the love and support I needed. I went to college on a humanitarian scholarship and eventually completed training to become a certified nursing assistant and phlebotomist. I married, started a family, and everything seemed great until my husband of 17 years was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.). After a long battle, my husband passed away. I tucked away the emotional pain from losing my husband and focused on taking care of my kids and paying off the extraordinary medical bills associated with my husbandís illness. Emotionally and financially depleted, I eventually sold our house and moved to Las Vegas to work as a seamstress.

In Las Vegas, I found myself doing alterations for women who were broken and hurting from the effects of working there. Before long, I too was broken and hurting from the suppressed emotions relating to the loss of my husband and the effects of a new, abusive relationship. I used to tell women that I would live on the streets before Iíd live with an abusive man. I knew that statement was easier said than done but I refused to accept that situation. Trusting in the Lord, I left the abusive relationship for the ďcomfortsĒ of homelessness.

With God, all things are possible. That doesnít mean all things are easy or pleasant. My hope is built upon this foundation and Iím compelled to share this promise with others. He has given me talents and developed my skills throughout my life, preparing me for a time such as this. Iíve finally realized that Iím a talented seamstress with a message to share: with God, all things are possible. Iíve seen too many people give up or give in to circumstances for which they could change. I can be the voice that empowers them to stand up and better themselves. Mine are the hands that can help make their appearance match their newfound confidence.

When I think of adjacent opportunities for my business, becoming self-sufficient in my business will provide a sense of accomplishment or me and will serve as an example for other women to know that itís possible to get out of bad situations. But the real blessing will come in the form of broken, depleted, and defeated people being transformed (mentally and physically) and equipped to better themselves.

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E4C focuses on three primary populations of entrepreneurs: Veterans, Green and Social Businesses, and those who find themselves operating within marginalized communities.

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