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Scriptures Clothing Line

Developed by: Robin Harris
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In a time when there is a lack of regard and true understanding of the scriptures, when many claim they know the message without any real knowledge, when media blasts graphic messages of violence and personal degradation into every conceivable opportunity, how can positive messages by which we can truly guide our lives reach young people looking for something better? It’s time we cut through the noise and deprivation with something powerful and meaningful.

Scriptures Clothing Line will change the way millions of Christians dress and view fashion. Our theme is “More is Better” to simply educate our customers about the clothing they wear and provide a brand that exudes and demonstrates the “Full armor of God.”

Scriptures Clothing Line is a start-up spiritual/inspirational t-shirt company established by Robin Harris, in January, 2011. The company is a sole proprietor venture that will be managed by Mr. Harris from his residence at 2520 Alsace Ave, Los Angeles, CA. The Scriptures Clothing Line concept will meet the emergent need of a colossal demand for Christian/inspirational products while creating an innovative ministry through clothing.

Robin Harris brings eight years of retail experience, three years of management, and a Theater BA into this business. He has also been a Christian for ten years and serves as an adjutant at his home church, New Testament Temple COGIC. The proprietor believes that his close connection with his market will give him a strategic advantage in understanding which products are in demand.

Scriptures Clothing Line will initially release four custom made t-shirts with each shirt providing a refreshing style that dares to challenge the trend of “less is better.” Each t-shirt in the initial line will display a wide array of biblical scriptures that our competitor’s t-shirts limit, bringing focus to the scriptures and not the graphics and artwork. Not only will these t-shirts depict more scriptures, but Scriptures Clothing Line is positioned to release the very first cross reference t-shirt. These t-shirts display scriptures from different books in the bible and conclude with an inspirational theme that summarizes what the scriptures mean. These t-shirts will not only be stylish, but they will carry life changing messages.

Although the apparel industry in general has experienced declining spending trends, faith-based goods and inspirational products continue to generate over 4.5 billion dollars annually. Christian Product Market Prospective also reported that 50% of Americans use inspirational products and 33% of Americans purchase inspirational products. Scriptures Clothing line plans to capitalize on these trends and have appropriately targeted a mature group of consumers ranging from age 35 to 54 years old, preferably married with school age children. This group, along with college undergraduates and graduates, has proven to be the biggest and best customer base to market t-shirts to. Both customer groups are at stages of their lives when they want to differentiate themselves from mainstream society and Scriptures Clothing Line plans to create inspirational products that will help them do exactly that.

Our belief is “more is better” and with the scriptural content we are bringing to the market, there are few who will argue our belief.


Eight years after falling prey to the lure of street life, misery came knocking at my door. I had just turned 24 years old and I decided to drop out of college and turn my back on doing things the right way. Street life was not as glamorous as I heard though. I found myself separated from my family, financially devastated, and spiritually drained. Even my mother (Moms) was second guessing my life style, and it hurt because I was her favorite child out of nine siblings. I was at an all time personal low when I realized all of the choices that I made were turning sour, and that I ruined a great relationship with Moms. At that point I knew in my heart that it was time for a real change.

On February 4th, 2007 I committed to that change. I moved to Los Angeles, CA and dedicated my life to the Lord. It was tough at first. I was homeless for about five months and I didn’t have family or friends to call on. However, after making these two huge changes I regained my inner peace and passion to succeed in life.

Two years and two months later on July 4th, 2010 I received my two youngest children through the courts, after their mother went through some difficulties. It was a huge transition that caused me to resign from my hotel management position. The company didn’t house children and I could not afford to pay rent and support my family with the income I was earning. Eventually, I decided to go to the Union Rescue Mission for help. Not only did my family find housing at this institution, but I was introduced to the Palmer Center Micro-finance Program.

When this business begins to prosper many opportunities will develop. I envision myself moving into the ministry and starting my own foundation to help those who find themselves in poverty. I believe education and determination are the keys for individuals getting out of poverty, and I want to help people to realize their greatest potential.



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