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Business Name: Felton Vending Machines

Developed by: Anthony Felton
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With vendors offering only unhealthy snacks in their vending machines, with obesity growing as a major issue in our childrenís health, with little awareness that healthy alternatives\ even exist, we find ourselves in a position where we are doing little to discourage bad eating habits. The pace of life and cost of healthy options are high. People look to quick and cheap to feed themselves and their children leaving us with fatter youngsters and a less healthy society.

It simply isnít right.

Felton Vending provides healthy, fresh and affordable snack foods in communities without access to options other than fast foods. We are committed to delivering quality products into our vending machines that improve the eating habits of our customers.

Felton Vending will provide snack foods such as granola bars, low-calorie snack cakes, crackers and cookies, caffeine free drinks and waters, non-fat foods and sugar free snack options as well as fresh sandwiches, salads, bagels, and other healthy breakfast items. Felton Vending is a Sole-Proprietorship under the leadership of Anthony Felton whose market and customers will be found in churches, private and charter schools, parks and recreational facilities, high population business office lunch rooms, and local car washes.

There are many vending machine companies operating in various locations in the city today. The majority of them sell products that we all eat as a last resort. Felton Vending provides vending choices in unique locations that serve healthy alternatives to underserved population.

Felton Vending is a sole proprietorship under the control of Mr. Felton. Daily operations, strategic vendor partnerships, and machine repair services will be carried out under his direction.

The moment I knew it was time to turn my life around occurred in a van on Ventura Boulevard in 2005. I had struggled with addiction for 6 years. It led to the ruin of my family and resulted in the van serving as my home. As I was about to take another round of drugs, I caught a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror. I had become a shell of the man I once was.

As this realization set in, I threw the drugs out the window and committed to turning my life around. The next few years were difficult as I was forced to deal with the consequences of my previous poor choices. But my commitment to a better life remained and remains strong, Iíve been clean for 5 years, and I am excited about what the future holds.

When I think about what that future will look like, what being in business for myself would mean to my life, I think back to that man in the van mirror. That man is dead and the new man stands before you today. This new man I have become sees a future where I can utilize my abilities, being a man with a clear understanding of the consequences of poor decision making, being a man with a clear vision for his future, and a resolve to execute that vision.

After experiencing business success from this opportunity, Iíll be able to financially care for my family, have something for them to be proud of, and finally feel like a human being again. I believe this is an opportunity given to me by God and I cannot waste it. The man in the van mirror is dead. Iím Tony Felton, and Iím an entrepreneur.


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