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2H – Helping Hand Brush & Land Clearing

Developed by: Robert Barcenas
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Southern California is a fire hazard waiting for the next Santa Ana wind to ignite it. And with the rise in foreclosures and property loss spreading across the community, conditions of these lots have been allowed to deteriorate in areas that can ill afford it. The pain and destruction of property by brush fires is immeasurable. The loss in property values because of yards gone to seed and beyond is felt by neighborhoods and financial institutions alike.

There is a better way of dealing with this.

2H – Helping Hand Brush & Land Clearing provides all the services required for land and property maintenance and brush clearing abatement at a reasonable cost. And in doing so it is making the world a better place; one acre, one lot, one property at a time.

2H – Helping Hand Brush & Land Clearing is a sole proprietorship run by Robert Barcenas. Its customers include homeowners who live in dense brush areas, financial institutions with distressed and foreclosed properties and developers with neglected vacant lots.

2H – Helping Hand Brush & Land Clearing services will be marketed through its Social Enterprise Mall storefront, through hand bills and residential flyers, and through coordinated meetings with financial institutions, property management companies and real estate developers.

The Company is not without its competitors in this continually growing field. With large corporate services pursing equally large and lucrative municipal contracts and home landscaping and mowing services concentrating on the residential market, 2H – Helping Hand Brush & Land Clearing has found a market niche that few have developed.

Launching these initial operations will require appropriate equipment that includes an industrial brush clearing mower, an industrial weed whacker, a variety of hand gardening tools, and a small trailer in which to haul them. With these in tow, 2H – Helping Hand Brush & Land Clearing can travel to the jobs calling on its services. Its clearing prices will range from $200-300 for small lots with larger land clearing efforts ranging from $1-2000 depending on terrain and neglect. 2H – Helping Hand Brush & Land Clearing sees itself being able to grow its operations to the point where it will be hiring laborers within its first year of operation to meet a market demand that returns naturally each year.

2H – Helping Hand Brush & Land Clearing is not just a recession proof business, it is designed to address the needs of the community experienced during economic down times and good times. It is a business whose services in Southern California are required year round. And being a customer service business 2H – Helping Hand Brush & Land Clearing recognizes that it has helping in its name – Our focus is simple – we help our customers meet their brush and clearing needs.

One moment can make a difference and I have had many. Acting on those moments has been a whole other story. In order to make a difference and see change in my life I have to take action and trust in what I believe. One such moment was when I ended up homeless for the second time, the year was 2002 and so I took a risk and trusted my concerns to the care of the Union Rescue Mission. The personal growth and the rewards have been equally challenging.

What I see when I see myself in business is a sense of being involved in the community, actively participating in the business world, and appreciating having accomplished something for myself.

The results I hope to achieve are directly connected but not limited to my family, friends, and community with regard to not just being a part of change, but creating change for my life and the lives of others.


E4C focuses on three primary populations of entrepreneurs: Veterans, Green and Social Businesses, and those who find themselves operating within marginalized communities.

If you are interested and can find a way to contribute to their success, we would love for you to contact us directly and we will connect you to them.

These are an amazing group of dedicated and hardworking entrepreneurs, and we think each and every one of them is certain to succeed, especially with your help


Robert Barcenas




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